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Precious Works

TreMonti’s Precious Works program is designed to help universities create greater awareness of their unique collection of valuable precious works:

  • Museum precious worksArtwork
  • Sculptures
  • Trademarks
  • Film
  • Books
  • Maps
  • Antiquities

By making these cultural treasures available for licensing, the program creates recognition, commercialization opportunities, and new sources of revenue. Precious works can be found in university libraries, archives, museums, fine art departments, and administration and executive offices.

Why license precious works?
Precious works are licensed for higher dollars at lower costs, translating into higher margins for the university. Precious works license negotiations are faster than technology licensing and do not require the participation of an inventor.

TreMonti will work with the university team and curators to determine which precious works are free to be digitally rendered and licensed.

It is our firm’s experience that most works will be available for limited re-prints and potentially licensed digital copies. The very rare and potentially most valuable works will most likely be licensed to a commercial entity for limited use.

Marketing precious works
TreMonti will prepare 1) an on-line immersive virtual gallery tour of the precious works that are available for license and 2) an e-Gallery that is a proprietary web-based store that allows the user to purchase re-prints, posters, greeting cards, and digital copies of the selected works.

For the most valuable works selected, TreMonti will assist in actively marketing to the appropriate commercial retailers such as greeting card companies, poster, calendar and clothing retailers, and video and entertainment companies.

Please visit one of our Precious Works partners, Howard University, by clicking on this link